So today my sister started kicking me and after a while of thinking on how to do it I had a eureka moment, here are 3 ways to get even on a pestering sibling with things you probably already have in the house!!

1. Salt water can give you the advantage over anyone in a prank war. First get the person a drink you need to be a little kind (or do you!) in the water put as much salt as you think the person deserves. Next stir and let the salt sit ithas dissolve to take full effect.

2. Sibling complaining about toothpaste to spicey let's help them out with that. First put some black pepper on his or her toothbrush and make sure they can't see it then pretend to be nice and put the toothpaste on it for them!! Lacking black pepper cayenne pepper can be substituted.

3. For this next trick or treet ya have to stay up late. Turn him/her so you can see their face grab your sharpy and go to town!!

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